About Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup is a blog dedicated to showcasing your short stories. It’s a place for the bizarre and the mundane, witches and spaceships, traditionally told or wildly experimental – this blog is a glorious wild mishmash of genres and styles.

It could be the tale of a man who met a talking mushroom on his way to work. It could be about a woman who has just discovered that her wife is cheating on her. It could be a soldier caught in a war thousands of miles from home, a guinea pig striving to master her kung fu, the dictator of a totalitarian government experiencing a change of heart, or what would happen if Donald Trump became President. It could be anything at all, as long as it is under five thousand words and won’t get us sued for libel.

We publish a short story a week. Send your submissions to alphabetsoupstories@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!


About the editors…

About Katie
Katie is a twenty-two-year-old writer, blogger and Booktuber. She works in publishing, and when she’s not reading, writing or editing stories, talks about books on the internet. She enjoys tea, biscuits, and forcing other people to read Dickens novels. She likes stories that feature unusual voices, unreliable narrators and Victorians.
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About Jess
Jess writes a lot, reads a lot, and blogs incredibly erratically here. She also works in publishing (she got into it because she heard they let you drink wine at meetings. She has thus far been disappointed.) Her favourite sort of stories are like car-crashes: hideously compelling, impossible to look away from and will probably leave you emotionally scarred.